1. How New York does it.

    New York is one of those huge cities that has had the guts make dramatic changes to their urban landscape in just a few years. Here’s an inspiring video about the transformation of Times Square, how they took space from the road to create bike lanes, and what the businesses and the people think about it.

    Makes me think about streets like Hornsgatan and Sveavägen in Stockholm. Two streets where the car lanes are huge, there’s car parking on both sides, and the bike lanes are narrower than the cheapest IKEA-bed (in other words: not so comfy). Moreover, Hornsgatan is one of the most polluted streets in Europe - basically a cocktail of cancerogenic gases - and could need a bit of a remake, least to say. 

    What are the decision makers waiting for in Stockholm? It’s about time to be a little progressive and not just build another road. Start making the Stockholm region less car dependent.Cause I’m telling you: Being listed as the most congested cities in Europe is not a compliment. (Not even London is on that chart.)

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  3. Hey You Swedish Politicians…

    You think Holland doesn’t get snow? Watch this:

    And while we’re still debating whether and where to build bike lanes at all, The Dutch are considering heated cycle paths…. 

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    Somehow I thought ‘bicycle fashion’ was a relatively new thing… apparently not!

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  7. Bridges for People (on Bikes!)

    A dedicated bicycle harbour bridge in Copenhagen. Photo cred: Mikael Colville Anderssen

    Right now a lot of bicycle bridges are being built in many places in the world. A great idea to use “unused space”. I think dedicated bicycle bridges over the waters could be a great solution in Stockholm too. And imagine if they put in heating in it aswell, from let’s say something nearby that releases a lot of heat. Then you’d have zero snow and ice-maintenance. 

    Ok first out, some new built beauties:

    England! Connecting two communities. Really cute video where the kids say “I wish this bridge stay here forever”. ”The children can come home alone from school now” one lady says - really shows the importance of this bridge. Also couldn’t agree more with the kid: love the red colour…

    Australia! Made a really nice commuter road, you cycle literarily IN the trees, and it’s a solution that preserves wild life aswell. Lots of research show that trees are not only important for peoples wellbeing, but for their willingness to ride a bike to work. 

    There’s only one but in the creation of these two awesome bridges. (Cause they are really awesome). Guess what…

    Yep, both of them are trying to see pedestrians and cyclists as one group, although they are not very similar at all.

    These solutions will work but only to a certain extent. Because there will be an increase in cycling in modern cities, I promise. It’s already happening, everywhere. And, increase in cyclists + shared path = lots of conflict between walkers and cyclers… 

    So, who wins the best-bridge-competition? Well, Amsterdam and Copenhagen… of course… By separating cyclists and pedestrians, everyone’s happy. This is a great thing to think about in an early stage of planning a bridge. 

    Amsterdams impressive bridge looks like this. It’s really cool, I’ve ridden it myself. Think it was finished in about 2009..?:

    Split into a section for pedestrians, and a 2-way bike section with a centreline for separating directions. Et voíla.

    Copenhagen is on the same track. By many many years of experience, they also separate pedestrians and cyclists (This bridge is from 2006):

    Copenhagen are actually in this very moment building another cycling bridge, calling it "The bicycle snake". Good name on a 235 meter long bicycle ramp that will take the Copenhageners from A to B in a very efficient way.

    And last but not least (and i know this one certainly fit into the “new build section” above!) The floating bicycle roundabout in Eindhoven… finished in june 2012.

    This is like OMG:

    I mean, firstly, just LOOK at the wideness of the bicycle path in the beginning, then the construction of the roundabout. Then the crowd. It’s like cycling heaven. Look at the kids!! (Fireworks are released in my body when watching this vid!! Hehe.)

    Ok someone better calm down here.

    Of course there are lots of more good examples, from other parts of the world. If you know of a good dedicated bicycle bridge or ditto, drop me an e-mail!

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  9. "Cutting Dependence on Cars isn’t Anti-Car, it’s Common Sense"

    Here you go. This is probably the best video ever made on the subject foundations of transportation and city infrastructure. 

    Thank you idtp.org for this very educating, entertaining 3:59 minutes of facts that everyone living in a city should know about.

    • And if you’d like to get super inspired by an awesome video about how the Dutch went from being car-centered to people-oriented, read my old blog post it was a great idea 60 years ago… (of course you want!)

    and then head out, on your bike!


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  11. Bikes Make Life Better

    I know this video is a bit old, but this is what it FEELS like riding home in the middle of the night on empty streets.

    Love it. 1:23 into the clip - that’s what it’s like.

    Video by: People for Bikes

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    yihaa, here’s a film i put together last nite showing me and my man’s little autumn ride the past weekend. i don’t go out riding for the sake of riding that often but now we hit the woods. he’s on the bike i got when i was 11. it’s still going strong, has 5 gears and is oh so useful (bicycles with handlebars like this never get stolen in sweden, as thieves seem to have passion for vintage bikes or new cool ones). so, speaking in terms of “which bicycle should one have?”… in the end this 90’s handlebar-fat-tires-bicycle is one of the best bikes i ever had.

    p.s if anyone knows which format to use for better quality let me know! youtube won’t let me upload DV (this is AVI).

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  15. "the world has changed, you can too"

    (a clever little commercial from canada)

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  17. CANADA STYLE… omg if there is just one bicycle video you’re gunna watch this week… it’s this one! love the photo, the dutch-style-bicycle and the bike wear, and basically it summarise all the good things about bicycling and is a proof that a 50’s dress and high heels make you bike superfast. (as if you needed proof but if you did: here it is)

    "We shot it on a very hot day. The ride towards the Legislature and wading pool was totally unplanned, but very welcome. The dress is one of my favourites now. My mom brought it back from London, England for me. Fits like a glove. So comfortable."

    can’t wait for more videos from this chick. http://www.girlsandbicycles.ca/ and it’s making me eager to start editing some of my hours of hours of bicycling and filming… thank you sarah!

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