1. My Photos/Thoughts + Great Cycling Interviews in Totally STHLM

    I was very happy to work with the magazine Totally Stockholm. They’ve done some great articles about cycling and the cycling people in our neighborhoods. A must read! (And yes, it’s all in ENGLISH)

    There are 40 000 paper versions out there but you can also find it online here!

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  3. Say Hello To Bikertize

    Fancy promoting something you like and get paid for it?

    Yup, now it’s possible, at least in my hoods. A brand new little company called Bikertize in Uppsala are offering cyclists to ride with ads (that you chose yourself among the companies) With no hassle at all: they mount it for you. I chose to support my dear box where I workout:

    (Getting a little crazy doing a one handed bike lift.)

    The basket is also part of the deal, exciting news for my good old grocery-shopping-bike.

    The benefits? All depends on the company you support. You receive something worth between 50-300 SEK per month. I got… a T-shirt :)

    If you live and bike in Uppsala and like the sound of free pizza or a discount on high quality running gear, sign up on Bikertize’s website and off you go!

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    This past saturday I ended up at a house dinner with very-long-time-no-see friends, and it turned into a little party. It was so nice. I realized I’ve forgotten some important details in my life, like that time I had a mixed tape-exchange-party at my parents house (oh I remember the party but not the tape bit). So we dug out some old mix tapes from forgotten times and admired the cover designs. I also realized I need some good music input in my life again. So, if you have any suggestions, post away!

    This bike belongs to the wonderful host, Johan, and he made this GIF.

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