1. How New York does it.

    New York is one of those huge cities that has had the guts make dramatic changes to their urban landscape in just a few years. Here’s an inspiring video about the transformation of Times Square, how they took space from the road to create bike lanes, and what the businesses and the people think about it.

    Makes me think about streets like Hornsgatan and Sveavägen in Stockholm. Two streets where the car lanes are huge, there’s car parking on both sides, and the bike lanes are narrower than the cheapest IKEA-bed (in other words: not so comfy). Moreover, Hornsgatan is one of the most polluted streets in Europe - basically a cocktail of cancerogenic gases - and could need a bit of a remake, least to say. 

    What are the decision makers waiting for in Stockholm? It’s about time to be a little progressive and not just build another road. Start making the Stockholm region less car dependent.Cause I’m telling you: Being listed as the most congested cities in Europe is not a compliment. (Not even London is on that chart.)

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  3. it was a brilliant idea, 60 years ago.

    it’s a bit rainy and uninspiring in swedenland today. so i thought i’d post some photos from my trip to rome the other week! i took some beautiful pictures of the city scenery:

    how do you like the stunning colosseum??

    or the very pleasant streets?

    everyone seems so… free.

    well let me tell you one thing: THE NETHERLANDS, a.k.a the-most-bicycles-per-capita-country has also been there done that. this is the story of how they changed from being a congested, car dominated country to a cycling nation:

    (so next time someone claim that people are cycling there cos its flat, kindly tell them that rome is pretty goddamn flat too and send them this vid.)

    P.S bike pics taken in rome and photos of it’s historical sites are comin up tho, of course!

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