Here is one that got sent to me the other day, to all you London riders! What are your comments on this one?

    Bike Vs Car Vs Bus: Whats the Best Way To Commute  infographic

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    $ave with a Bike Lane

    Paste in Place worked with Gehl Architects to create illustrations comparing the cost of constructing bicycle infrastructure with the cost of infrastructure for other transit modes including automobiles, subways and light-rail systems. 

    Their graphics greatly illustrates how bicycle lanes and cycle tracks offer a phenomenal value compared to other modes (and they’re just based on the cost of construction, not the other extra benefits to society).

    Additionally, they developed a human-centered metric for measuring transit infrastructure cost per person (ICP) in order to make the data more understandable and meaningful to individuals:

    The graphics are intended, in part, to assist municipalities in making principled decisions about their investments in transportation infrastructure.

    Nice work. Se all graphics here.

    P.S And oh, have I mentioned that I have a huge crush on Gehl Architects?

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  5. Are You With The Right Bike?

    Cyclists: Are You With the Right Bike?
    Where did you end up? Hehe. (In my opinion, any bicycle that feels comfortable for the trips you’re making is a good bicycle. If it’s awesome but look crappy it could even be a bonus - less thief material…)
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