Which cycling-season is your favourite?

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  5. This looks just like me, haha. I have a red cap, baggy jeans and white low converse too.

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  7. CANADA STYLE… omg if there is just one bicycle video you’re gunna watch this week… it’s this one! love the photo, the dutch-style-bicycle and the bike wear, and basically it summarise all the good things about bicycling and is a proof that a 50’s dress and high heels make you bike superfast. (as if you needed proof but if you did: here it is)

    "We shot it on a very hot day. The ride towards the Legislature and wading pool was totally unplanned, but very welcome. The dress is one of my favourites now. My mom brought it back from London, England for me. Fits like a glove. So comfortable."

    can’t wait for more videos from this chick. http://www.girlsandbicycles.ca/ and it’s making me eager to start editing some of my hours of hours of bicycling and filming… thank you sarah!

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  9. amsterdam chick (look at those turqoise bike details matching the bag).

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