1. Cykelutredningen goes real life

    Many cyclists and cycling advocates have been disappointed with cykelutredningen, the Swedish bicycle investigation conducted by the government. Not least have people been upset by the suggestion that when there is a bike path, cargo bikers will be allowed on the road, but not the fast cycling cyclists.

    However… I started fantasizing about the scenario… And all of a sudden, this new suggestion sounds pretty cool. I mean, just imagine:

    Hornsgatan, Stockholm’s most polluted street:

    Or like here, at Kungsgatan, Uppsala’s most polluted street:

    Extremely people friendly streets all of a sudden. I really like these pics, don’t you? (And how you like my photoshop skills, hehe?)

    I mean, by this suggestion, cargo bikes could completely decide the traffic pace in the inner city, right? Cargo bikes could become the new ‘city car’ in just a couple of years. So after a bit of thinking, I was thinking this is probably the most progressive suggestion I’ve ever heard. 

    The cargo bike could definitely be the christmas gift of the year.

    © Put The Fun Between Your Legs

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  3. Happy cycling!

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  5. Those Rainy Days…

    Cargo bike owners are happy even in the rain. Read more about why here

    Also, here is a photo of the little kiddo to the left cycling without support for the first time!

    (Ponchos to the people)

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  9. This looks just like me, haha. I have a red cap, baggy jeans and white low converse too.

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  11. Photo: Jonas Fagerberg

    Yihaa, no support! 

    How old were you when you learnt to ride a bike?

    …And how old do you think this kiddo is?

    (Photo shot from the hip by the cycling dad)

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  13. What has sushi got to do with cycling you may think?

    Well, the swedish sushi chain Sushi of Sweden has not only got a drive-through but a bike-through - and until the end of june they premier their cycling guests with either frozen yoghurt or an extra piece of sushi. Kind of cute!

    Also, they only serve ecologically produced fish and has completely banned the shrimp because of the shrimp industry’s negative effects on our environment. Maybe I should go and try this bike-through out and get back with a review..!

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  17. Say Hello To Bikertize

    Fancy promoting something you like and get paid for it?

    Yup, now it’s possible, at least in my hoods. A brand new little company called Bikertize in Uppsala are offering cyclists to ride with ads (that you chose yourself among the companies) With no hassle at all: they mount it for you. I chose to support my dear box where I workout:

    (Getting a little crazy doing a one handed bike lift.)

    The basket is also part of the deal, exciting news for my good old grocery-shopping-bike.

    The benefits? All depends on the company you support. You receive something worth between 50-300 SEK per month. I got… a T-shirt :)

    If you live and bike in Uppsala and like the sound of free pizza or a discount on high quality running gear, sign up on Bikertize’s website and off you go!

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