1. went to ride my bike home pt.II

    here she is! NISHIKI Cross Road, put toghether by the awesome dudes at Sportson Södermalm’s new store.

    on the back she’s carrying the high heels i bought on ellie’s advice (an exact copy of what she was wearing on her feet, yay)

    this is me, presenting the “outfit of the day”… or maybe not.

    … might aswell give away a smile as i was surely happy. the road back didn’t start easily. It was late afternoon so i didn’t want to ride the whole way. But SJ, the major train company in sweden, doesn’t allow bicycles on their trains. its a truly bummer (especially as most other slow trains allow it in Europe, c’mon!) i was still giving it a shot, as the train was almost empty and i was only going one

    station anyway (to märsta), but nah, someone announced in the speakers that “bicycles are NOT allowed on this train”(that was to me, ah) - so i had to step off (after a very bitter controllant had told me off!)

    so there i was, back on the platform again, with a ticket i cudnt use??

    big thanks tho to the super nice train driver who let my bicycle stay in the locomotive!’in märsta, he carried my bicycle over the rail and onto the platform so i would get it! in every situation there are great people, that is the lesson to learn.

    when i arrived to märsta i was praised by a dude in the street who was so amazed over that i’d stepped off in märsta to bike to uppsala - when i could just take the train all the way. he kept repeating how stoked he was and that i always would get free coffee in the café he works in. (if you’re reading this, sorry for not coming by yet, i’ve been so busy!) “so! are you really going to BIKE?????? wow… why????”

    the distance were talking about is 40 km, but he was still totally stoked.

    the answer to the why:

    it’s just so nice to feel the breeze and the sun and to stop and look at the things that happens while ure driving by or sitting on a train stuck behind glass, such as a horse baby having fun in the sunny afternoon mud!

    and 2 hours later… we we’re HOME!!

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