Stockholm Architect museum is running it’s yearly ginger bread baking competition this weekend… (yummy). The theme is: “Bake your idéa for a better daily life!”

    Here are two different solutions to the same problem:

    "If you’re not visible, you don’t exist!" "All pedestrian crossings are lit up and reflexes/high viz vests on every pedestrian and cyclist".

    Firstly: Is this an entry inspired by (or made by?) Malmö Stad’s scary campaign towards cyclists?

    Secondly: Here’s a solution where the people are meant to adjust their daily life to suit the motorists. Funnily enough this is outside a school, which makes me think about Marcus Ljungqvist’s brilliant blog post the other day about cars outside schools.

    Well. Now lets have a look at this other one instead:

    "Free the city from the cars". “This is a vision about more space for pedestrians,cyclists, houses and public transport - and of course with the environment in mind”

    An entry focusing more on the actual problem?

    Mind you, I am not against cars. The car can be very handy. What I’m against is how we for so long have had the car as norm, giving it more and more space on behalf of other alternatives. We’ve created cities for all types of cars - but not for all kinds of people. The past decade’s city planning and transport politics (in combination with our jobs) has left the majority of us all more sedentary and more isolated than ever. 

    Don’t target the kids as the problem, covering them in high viz vests. Target drivers instead, narrow the roads, lower the speeds, change the priority on streets. Understand the real meaning of livable cities. Understand that the majority of us would like a more walking and cycling friendly lifestyle.  Swedish "vision zero" would take a big jump towards zero if they would dare to solely target the origin of the problems: motorized traffic.

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