1. Cykelutredningen goes real life

    Many cyclists and cycling advocates have been disappointed with cykelutredningen, the Swedish bicycle investigation conducted by the government. Not least have people been upset by the suggestion that when there is a bike path, cargo bikers will be allowed on the road, but not the fast cycling cyclists.

    However… I started fantasizing about the scenario… And all of a sudden, this new suggestion sounds pretty cool. I mean, just imagine:

    Hornsgatan, Stockholm’s most polluted street:

    Or like here, at Kungsgatan, Uppsala’s most polluted street:

    Extremely people friendly streets all of a sudden. I really like these pics, don’t you? (And how you like my photoshop skills, hehe?)

    I mean, by this suggestion, cargo bikes could completely decide the traffic pace in the inner city, right? Cargo bikes could become the new ‘city car’ in just a couple of years. So after a bit of thinking, I was thinking this is probably the most progressive suggestion I’ve ever heard. 

    The cargo bike could definitely be the christmas gift of the year.

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