1. People riding bicycles are happier than people sitting on bus and car seats. I won’t make a list today of “why”. But simply put: It’s not in the human beings nature to sit through life. (And, like all other animals on earth, the human beings love a little sense of freedom and don’t like to be trapped in a cage.)

    And if this applies to cyclists in general, there’s definitely something about people with cargo bikes. They seem so satisfied with life!

    What’s the secret? They’ve not only figured out that the bicycle makes them happier, but also that cycling and kids work great together. What kid doesn’t like to have the front row seat?
    But the very key to it all probably is: They don’t succumb to the norms. They beat the old saying "when you have kids you gotta have a car"-thing. They’ve given the finger to the gas stations, they stay fit (and the pedalling charges all the feel-good hormones like serotonine and dopamine and lowers the stressing ones), they load the box with groceries whenever, and they laugh all the way to the bank.

    So, of course they’re satisfied.

    Here are some photos that Joanna, a girl I met in the street the other day, sent to me. First photo is of her kid Juno in their cargo bike. Juno is 2.5 years old and is already learning how to cycle herself.

    This box can carry 100 kg.

    This is Juno and some of her friends lovin’ it.

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