Not only is it a crazy looking bike with CD’s (!) attached on it, this video includes a cycling CAT… with a hat!

    This was almost bit too much for me, ha ha. Hope kitty loved the ride.

    And actually. The CD’s are like the polka dots in the blog post below, polka dots 2.0. Crazy looking but clever! 

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  3. Happy friday and happy cycling people!

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  7. Fancy shining in polka dot style? Here’s an idea on how to light up the darker months or your ride home at night a bit extra. I rarely write about products here but thought this was kinda cute. These are magnetic reflectors you shape with your hand. You find them for $12 at the Swedish online shop Bookman.se

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  9. PLÖTSLIGT HÄNDER DET, PT 2: Another glimpse of Dutch styled inspired cycling in Stockholm! (Why I say ‘inspired’ is that a friend catching a ride in Holland often has their legs on one side, and kids in Holland very rarely wear helmets.)

    Positive? Provocative? Inspiring? What do you say?

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  13. Finally ordered new cards! Now I don’t have to be that creepy person who stares at you and your bicycle anymore claiming to have a “bicycle photo blog”, ha ha. Can’t wait to hand them out (or stick them onto bikes..!)

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  15. As you can see, yesterday was pretty wet. 

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  17. Sheer skirts, patterns, fitted dresses, bicycle baskets, bright and colorful… Love these three girls’ style. How chic is the banana dress??

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  19. Watch this biker! 13 months old - and he’s been riding since he was 6 months. Spotted at the Manly Bike Life Festival earlier today. More great bicycle riders and bicycles from this festival are coming up soon!

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