1. Finally ordered new cards! Now I don’t have to be that creepy person who stares at you and your bicycle anymore claiming to have a “bicycle photo blog”, ha ha. Can’t wait to hand them out (or stick them onto bikes..!)

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  3. As you can see, yesterday was pretty wet. 

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  5. Sheer skirts, patterns, fitted dresses, bicycle baskets, bright and colorful… Love these three girls’ style. How chic is the banana dress??

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  7. Watch this biker! 13 months old - and he’s been riding since he was 6 months. Spotted at the Manly Bike Life Festival earlier today. More great bicycle riders and bicycles from this festival are coming up soon!

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  9. Tomas A. Edison doing a bicycle trick, year 1899.


    An animated GIF created by Okkult Motion Pictures excerpted from Bicycle Trick Riding (1899), a 38” film dated March 20th, 1899 by Thomas A. Edison, showing perhaps the first ever footage of a bicycle trick. More info here.

    If this is true its pretty amazing we’re looking at the inventor of the light bulb riding backwards.

    (via bicyclestore)

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  11. Parents on bikes are the best parents.

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  13. Bike friendly Clovelly. A sticker I made for the Better Block project in Clovelly, Sydney area.

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  15. Recently I’ve been engaged in the planning of a Better Block project in Randwick, Sydney. The very first meeting was held last week, a bunch of people got together to discuss how they could change a local a street - to make it greener, safer, and more human. (Dogs were welcome, too.)

    It truly inspiring to see how much enthusiasm and creativity there is amongst the community to improve the environment that’s right outside our front doors. The “Better Block” concept is about making a street more liveable for a day, to show what our streets can look like if they were less car centered. It has so far been done in over 40 places in the States. And it’s all a community initiative. This will be the first one in Sydney. (Get involved if you like, and read more about it here!)

    As you may guess, I’m mainly involved in the cycling group and in the visuals/graphic design.
    Have a look and get inspired by this short film I made of the first meeting: 

    Sweden is decades ahead of the US and Australia when it comes to planning for pedestrians, people on bicycles and slowing down motorized traffic. But there’s still a lot to do. We are ridiculously way behind our nearest neighbour Denmark, which doesn’t make sense at all. And many cities around the world will surely overtake us in the near future if we don’t keep moving. 

    Imagine if we had a “Better Block” day in Stockholm too. Which street would you like to change and what would you like it to look like? Instead of waiting for Stockholm council to actually start walk the walk… maybe we should get the community together and show the great alternative? 

    Still not sure it’s possible? Hear the background about Better Blocks in this TED talk, and get a hell of a boost:

    (He speaks reaally fast :)

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    Enjoy this awesomely informative little video by Tim Goldby (from The Bicycle Channel). He recorded his commute by bicycle from the Melbourne suburb of Essendon to the CBD, and added up the cars he overtook/subtracting the ones passing him.

    Guess how many cars he beat? Press play and find out… (Warning: you might end up with a big smile on your face, I did.)

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  19. Let me introduce you… to the Lean Green Ais Kacang Machine - a dessert making cargo bicycle. You might have seen this couple roll the streets of Stockholm in summertime, producing icy, cooling asian dessert. Read more about it, and ask them what it taste like on their Facebook page.


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