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  3. Pittwater Rd, Manly. Good day for a swim!

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  5. WIN 2 TICKETS TO ArkDes Talks, Cycling Conference in Stockholm, 2 September!

    Have you seen the exhibition “Cykel” yet at Arkitektur & Designcentrum? I was there this summer and loved it!

    I’ve now kindly been offered to give away 2 tickets (value 1 980 SEK) to their Cycling Conference ArkDes Talks. The half-day conference takes place TOMORROW, starting at 13:00, and will guide you through some of the latest projects for more sustainable and bike-friendly cities. A day for sharing knowledge, networking and inspiration for anyone with a passion for urban development, traffic planning, design, durability and bicycle issues.

    Do you wanna go? Of course you do. Here’s how to win the free tickets:

    1. Make sure you have liked the Facebook page www.facebook.com/putthefunbetweenyourlegs

    2. Submit a comment below, and motivate why you should win the tickets! :) (You can write in Swedish too, of course)

    The winner will be announced TONIGHT, Monday 1st of September,

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

    Elin xx

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  9. This summer the fairly large street Götgatan in Stockholm is car free on Saturdays. They call it “Open Streets”, inspired by similar projects such as the one in New York. You you can read more about it here (in Swedish).

    This rather ugly street has also just recently had a very much appreciated face lift: A project that aims to give more space for cycling and walking. They’ve taken road space from motorized traffic, and surprise surprise: Traffic seems to flow juuust fine.

    Trying new solutions via temporary design is the way to go!

    These photos were taken just an ordinary day. Unfortunately I’m missing out on these Saturdays, and It’s a bit further down at Götgatan where “the magic happens”. If you have any nice cycling pics from one of the Saturdays, please feel free to e-mail me your favorites!

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  11. Cycling in the rain.

    If cycling was all about great weather conditions, I think Australia would have the most people on bikes… Trust me. European cycling cities are not blessed with the same great weather. In Holland, there’s an expression that goes something like this: “You’re not made of sugar”. 

    Great bicycle infrastructure is what makes riding easier. 

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  13. A rainy Malmö doesn’t stop people from cycling.

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  15. Michael, 77, rides his bicycle for all his daily errands. To go to the ferry, to the pool and to the shops. "It’s surprising how much groceries you can carry in a bicycle basket"

    He stores his bicycle on the veranda of his and his wife’s beautiful town house, on one of the quiet streets in Manly, Sydney.

    Look forward to a longer interview with him here soon!

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  17. Shopping by bicycle or by car? The Netherlands vs Australia

    The first friend I made in Australia was Paul van Bellen. He’s one of the most educated and passionate cycling advocates in Australia, and the friendliest guy. He made this brilliant video when he went to the Netherlands a few weeks ago. It says everything.

    Proud to be your friend Paul!

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  19. This is not rocket science. Don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of great public transport too. 


    Why public transit matters.

    Saw the post from peterfromtexas, (via mattlehrerpieratt and golis) and thought I’d realign the gif frames.

    Original photos from the TTC. (Thx to pranay16 for reviewing)

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